Inventory Control System Products

Controlling Inventory can be a difficult but necessary process. Nuventory’s software was designed to reduce the level of difficulty and create a streamlined process for tracking and replenishing inventory.

Salesmen can overstock your supplies or stock several brands of the same item causing inflated inventory.
By using the purchase order feature in Nuventory, the shop can eliminate the need for weekly or bi weekly sales calls and reduce distractions on the shop floor.

Production time can also be lost by running out of essential items needed to complete a Repair Order.
With Nuventory’s re-order feature, the shop can set up the minimum desired stock level, and by clicking “auto-order” the system will automatically order the stock back to the desired level.

By reducing the ordering process from daily to bi weekly, parts managers can focus on more productive tasks.
By selecting multiple vendors when creating a Purchase Order and using the Auto-Order feature, Nuventory streamlined the purchase order process.