Fleet – Maintain Material Inventory & Track Repairs

The management and maintenance of materials and repairs for your trucking fleet are easier with Nuventory. Managing the repairs of the trucks in your fleet requires monitoring stock levels for service parts, tracking materials used on each repair order, and noting which technician used a particular part. Nuventory helps you with all these and more.

Nuventory captures all items used in a repair order when your technician enters its SKU number, and when items go below the assigned stock level, the software initiates automatic ordering to ensure your items are always in stock.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency, and Increase Profitability.

Nuventory increases productivity and efficiency by helping you to manage and maintain materials used in the repair process in a streamlined way. With easy tracking and automatic ordering, it will help to increase the profitability of your fleet repair business.

Let Nuventory help you manage and maintain your materials.